Dine 4 Life

Formerly called Servers Against AIDS Day, this annual fundraising event is in its 9th year. In 2014, HIV West Yellowhead decided to give the event a new name in order to promote a more positive vision. Dine 4 Life aims to raise awareness about HIV and raise funds for local programs and services. A portion of funds raised is donated to the Stephen Lewis Foundation, which supports community-based programs for families affected by HIV/AIDS in Africa.

This year on July 25, servers at participating restaurants donated a portion of their tips. We were very impressed by restaurants who matched their servers’ donations, including Jasper Pizza Place, Cassio’s Italian Restaurant, Downstream, Coco’s Cafe, Syrahs of Jasper, Famoso Neapolitan Pizzeria, Jasper Brewing Place, North Face Pizza, and Patricia Street Deli. Jasper Pizza Place is one business that goes all out and has been the top donator every year of this event. This year, Jasper Pizza Place took 1st place yet again with an incredibly generous donation of $1650.00. Runners up include Coco’s Cafe, Olive Bistro, and Syrahs of Jasper who were all within a few dollars of each other, totaling $1450!

Thank you 2015

We are truly thankful to all of the service staff, businesses, and diners who made this year’s event a success and raised over $4000 for HIV West Yellowhead and the Stephen Lewis Foundation.

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