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HIV & AIDS Information
Canada Canada’s source for HIV and hepatitis C information. Free pamphlets, books, information from CATIE Ordering Centre. The Canadian AIDS Society. The Canadian HIV/AIDS Legal Network. Alberta Community Council on HIV – Network of AIDS Service Organizations. Contact Information for HIV/AIDS Organizations in Alberta Canadian Aboriginal AIDS Network

International Everything you want to know! Complete HIV/AIDS Resource. HIV/AIDS Awareness Campaign to reduce stigma. Cool info graphics about international HIV data. MTV Staying Alive Foundation – HIV prevention videos. AIDS Clock – HIV demographic information.

Sexual Health Information Canadian Federation for Sexual Health Sexuality information.

Canada Sexuality and U Teen Health Source

International Sexuality information for teens and young adults. Sexuality information for teens. Sexuality information for teens, by teens. Relationships in a technological world – sexting, texting, and social media. A health question and answer resource.

Parents Tools for parents to talk to their kids. Parent portal.

Hepatitis CATIE’s website with up-to-date Hep C information. Canadian Liver Foundation

Harm Reducation How to safely inject demonstration video. Safer injection. Streetworks of Edmonton – Peer created publications. Peer network to build capacity of people who use drugs. Canadian Harm Reduction Network. Canadian Drug Policy Coalition.

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