Safe is Sexy 2015

The 2015 Safe is Sexy Positive Community Norms campaign is based on a survey of 300 young adults living, working, and playing in Jasper. The goal of the campaign is to shed positive light on the healthy choices and attitudes of young adults in our community. For our theme this year we decided to capture some of the fun had on late night TV, bringing it to a bar near you. With the introduction of lube to the survey, we wanted to find out young Jasperites attitudes towards it. Often an overlooked tool, we thought we would highlight how it can make condom use more fun and enjoyable for both parties!WEB1


What do you think? Let us know in this anonymous survey, click here to give your thoughts!

Our amazing volunteers channeled their inner starlet and nailed it.
Graphic designer extraordinaire Courtenay Davidson:
Hair and make-up superstars Cara Zazelenchuck from Hair on Earth and volunteer Ashley Talbot
Photography wizard Brian Van Tighem:
and our fabulous models Oliver, Jamie, Brianna, Suzanne, Ashley and Tyson

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