Roots of Addiction

HIV and addiction are closely linked. One of the riskiest activities for transmitting HIV is sharing syringes or other equipment used for drug injection. A syringe has an air-tight barrel that provides a vaccuum for the virus to survive in until it is used by another person, who injects the fluid directly into their blood stream. Using new or sterilized syringes for injection drug use, or tattoos, piercings, or medical procedures, eliminates this risk.

Drug and alcohol use may impact the health and well being of a person who is addicted to substances as well as their friends, family, and community. So why not just stop? Addiction is not so simple. It has roots in childhood experiences, trauma, poverty, homelessness, and mental health. November 17-21 is National Addictions Awareness Week. In an effort to raise awareness about the need for harm reduction policies and programs for people who use injection drugs, we are hosting a two part lunch time education series on HIV and Addictions.

This November, you can join us in Hinton, Jasper, Edson, and Whitecourt from 12pm-1:30pm to learn and share your knowledge about the roots of addiction and the benefits of harm reduction for improving the health and well being of people in our communities.

NOV Lunch & Learn-HIV & Addiction 1For more information click here.