AIDS Awareness

Beyond the Basics poster

November 25 starts off Canadian HIV/AIDS Awareness Week. December 1 marks World AIDS Day, and December 1-5 honours Aboriginal AIDS Awareness Week.

What’s the point of all these days? Well, to have us remember that HIV is an issue that affects many of our friends, family, and neighbours near and far. It is a reminder to think about the challenges that have been overcome in the fight against HIV, and the challenges that still exist. It is a reminder to remember those who have passed on. It is a reminder that we always have more to learn and to keep sharing our knowledge with others to prevent the transmission of the virus and make the lives of those who life with it better.

HIV West Yellowhead will be hosting workshops in Jasper, Hinton, Edson, and Whitecourt during Canadian HIV/AIDS Awareness Week. These workshops will include information about HIV, beyond the basics of what most people know. We will be doing activities that help us better understand how many factors make people vulnerable to HIV transmission as well as what stigma and discrimination look like today and how to reduce these barriers to health for people living with HIV, Hep C, and STIs. We will also be sharing the results from a four year needs assessment in the West Yellowhead region. We researched injection drug use in our communities and these needs of people who use injection drugs to have healthier, happier lives. We would like input from attendees on actions we can take based on the findings and recommendations in the report. Registration is available online at: