Hellos and Goodbyes

Our 25th Anniversary Annual General Meeting saw a wonderful group of people get together to talk about the past year, as well as the past 25 years as AIDS: A Positive Coordinated Community Response Society of Jasper became AIDS Jasper, and then HIV West Yellowhead. What does the future hold for the name of HIV West Yellowhead? Changes may be in the cards…

We are very excited to have elected new board members and have a full board to lead and support the work of our organization. Nancy Taylor, our longest running board member has moved into the Chair position. With her wisdom and dedication, we are so pleased to have her leading the board. We also have Diana Sieben joining as Treasurer. She has been a great partner as the sexual health nurse in Jasper. Lori Vodden is a welcome new face to the board as Vice Chair, and has been a supporter through the Whitecourt Food Bank. Finally, Rhonda Gauthier of Hinton is another new face on the board, who brings years of experience in harm reduction to her Director position. We are so lucky to have such a knowledgeable and supportive board.

Nancy Taylor (Jasper) – Chair
Lori Vodden (Whitecourt) – Vice Chair
Diana Sieben (Jasper) – Treasurer
Lori Arnott (Whitecourt) – Secretary
Jailin Threinen (Hinton) – Director
Jessica Alleyne (Jasper) – Director
Rhonda Gauthier (Hinton) – Director

HIV West Yellowhead had to say farewell to Board Chair Lena Greening-Davidson and Treasurer Lynn Wannop. We appreciate all the time and energy both ladies have given to the organization over a number of years. We will miss them both and hope they will keep the baby pictures coming!

Until next year…