25th Anniversary AGM!

HIV WY AGM 2013HIV West Yellowhead’s Board of Directors is a fun and dynamic group of individuals who support the mission and vision statements of the organization.

By joining the HIV West Yellowhead Board of Directors, there will be opportunities to grow and develop both personally and professionally. We have many exciting opportunities to offer new and old Board members. The following positions are available:

Board Positions Open:
Chairperson – 2 year term
• To preside over the Society and supervise all Board activity.
• To chair all General Meetings and Executive Committee Meetings.
• To ensure the Board follows its own policies and bylaws.
• To serve on the Finance Committee.
• Signing authority for the Society.

Treasurer – 2 year term
• To review and present financial statements of the Society at Executive Committee meetings and the Annual General Meeting.
• To serve on the Executive Committee and vote on all matters before Council.
• Signing authority on Council expenditures.
• To serve as Chair on the Finance Committee and assist with conducting the annual financial audit of the Society.

Director – 2 year term (one Director position open, possibly two)
• Attend meetings and have one vote.
• Participate on at least one of the Society’s committees.

Commitments and Benefits
• Opportunities to attend trainings related to but not exclusive to:
– HIV/AIDS (ie. International AIDS Conference Vancouver July 2016, Alberta Community Council on HIV Conference two times per year, Cdn. AIDS Treatment Information Exchange Annual Conference – November 2013)
– STIs (ie. Western Biennial Sexual Health Conference – May 2014)
– Harm Reduction (ie. AB Harm Reduction Conference – Spring 2015)
– Substance Use
– Mental Health (ie. Mental Health First Aid, Suicide Prevention)
– Board Development (ie. Alberta Vitalize Conference – June 2014)

• Mileage, meals, accommodation and even pet care are covered by HIV West Yellowhead to ensure that little financial burden is placed on the Board member to participate in HIV West Yellowhead Board business

• Commitments include the following:
– attend general meetings and annual general meeting (teleconference and face to face meetings)
– participate on at least one committee (Personnel, Finance, Fund Development, and/or Bylaw & Policy)
– attend annual Board Development workshop
– attend annual strategic planning workshop in Jasper
– provide feedback to Executive Director about performance, programs and services
– attend activities / events / fundraisers when time permits

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