What is it like to volunteer at HIV West Yellowhead?

“There is a lot of stuff to do at HIV West Yellowhead. Some of the stuff that I like doing: labeling the condoms and hanging out with the very nice people here at the office that work and volunteer with me. I would karlyandracheldefinitely recommend volunteering here; it is a very nice and friendly environment to be in. When I started volunteering here the people were so nice to me and they started me off with some scrap booking of news articles, photos, and media that talk about HIV West Yellowhead. A lot of the other things that I do are go around town and check on the tin cans that raise money for our office and the tin cans for OUT Jasper, which is also part of our office. Whenever I go and pick up the tin cans I then count and separate the money. I think it is a very fun environment to work in because all of the people here are nice to one another and they understand one another. I don’t think that people should be judged for who they are as a person; if they want people to be their friends then they have to be kind to one another. I love volunteering here at HIV West Yellowhead because they are people I can trust if I need to talk to someone.”

By Rachel Baker

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