July Events

July is an exciting month for us! Here are some of our diverse & exciting events coming up this month. If you are interested in becoming involved, have any suggestions or ideas feel free to send us an email at volunteers@hivwestyellowhead.com

  • July 1st-Safe is Sexy photo shoot- We’re still looking for males, hair stylists & makeup artists
  • July 15th-launch of the Safe is Sexy campaign, you can help out by posting posters
  • Weekly condom bar blitzes at the local bars & pubs in town (July 3rd, July 17th, July 21st & July 31st)-dress up as your favourite character (optional) & hand out condoms.
  • July 20th-Servers against AIDS day (a set portion of server’s tips will be donated to HIV West Yellowhead and the Stephen Lewis Foundation) you can help out by assembling, distributing and notifying participating restaurants
  • July 31st-Halloween in July at the Atha-b, you can help out by decorating, organizing, collecting cover fees & handing out condoms

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